COBOLagency at a glance


Our team develops new COBOL code to enhance existing systems with additional features and functionalities requested by customers. We have delivered over 200,000 lines of new COBOL code for product offerings and over 1,000 lines for feature enhancements.


We provide 

to our clients' COBOL-based core code base system. 

Code Review & Optimization 

Our team conducts comprehensive reviews of clients' COBOL codebases, identifying and resolving critical issues. During  the last 8 months, we have reviewed and optimized over 600,000 lines of legacy COBOL code


We provide custom COBOL development services for your unique business needs. From new application development to enhancements and upgrades, we've got you covered. Our team of experienced COBOL developers will work with you to ensure that your applications are tailored to your specific requirements.